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Mission Crossroads is a three-time-a-year magazine focused on worldwide work of the PC(USA). It offers news and feature stories about mission personnel, international partners and grassroots Presbyterians involved in God's mission in the world.

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Mission Crossroads 9 Agency's Mission Engagement and Support team, the YAV program has been able to decrease the YAVs fundraising expectation. Also, by providing student loan repayment assistance during the service year, through the Financial Aid for Service office, the YAV program is taking much-needed steps to ensure the YAV experience is accessible for every young adult in the church. As a result of churchwide efforts, young people are encouraged to explore the diverse paths of vocation in their own lives. Whether in traditional or nontraditional ministry, not-for-profit organizations, law, medical and for- profit fields, alums of the program are encouraged to imagine how their passions, faith and personal vocation intersect. Sheryl and Jeff Goering served together in the Philippines in 1995–96, in a small village supported by rural fishing. Jeff, who now works as chief financial officer for the Baltimore Ravens, says, "One life lesson I learned from my experience involved a long trek up a densely forested mountain. It was quite a difficult hike, but once we reached the Filipino tribal community near the peak, we had an extremely fascinating welcome. I was taught when we push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, we're able to experience the most impactful lessons." Sheryl, currently a CPA and international tax professional, remembers, "A lesson I learned from our time in the Philippines was patience, patience, patience. We had to learn to 'be,' rather than to 'do.' It was just as important to the people welcoming us that we learn to know them as it was to support their work." Jeff and Sheryl, members of First Presbyterian Church of Howard County, Maryland, say their YAV year influenced their always-evolving views about mission. is has helped inspire fresh partnerships between their local church and neighbors near and far. Currently, Emma Warman from First Presbyterian of Howard County is serving as a YAV in the Philippines. Emma reflects, "I'm being equipped with a basic understanding of how I'm implicated in unjust social arrangements, which will be necessary to consider before fully loving my neighbors as myself." Planting seeds of service in young people to witness the connectional nature of the church and to challenge their own traditions of service comes full circle as young people work to shape the current church based on those experiences. rough the partnerships of various departments and the denomination's own self-reflection on responsible mission, we are working, we are repenting, we are growing. Blake A. Collins is the associate for recruitment and relationships with the Young Adult Volunteer program and a YAV alum (Peru, 2013–14). Ann Owen Kristen Sommerfeld, Megan Canfield and Sharon Boer are Little Rock YAVs serving at Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center.

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